NEWS ARCHIVE 2013-2016

04.05.15  10 Bungalow Street, Torkildsen,Prosjektrom Helium in Fredrikstad

01.11.14  domain for the new concept confirmed

22.03.13  Participating in group show "THE GADERING
at ex-GAD, Oslo. opening April 5

NEWS ARCHIVE 2011-2012

15.11.12  Moving out of my Finnish studio after more than
12 years in Vallila, Helsinki

03.10.12  Opening of Group Exhibition Smart Process
at Nordic Cultural Point, Helsinki

29.08.12  Interview/Article - En Underlig Klode -
published in the Norwegian magazine Kunst

24.08.12  Official opening of Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall
and Studio Spaces, Fredrikstad

01.05.11  OCA: In the relocation process to Nedre gate 7,
in Spring 2011 OCA's Board took the decision to close OCA's Artists File.

26.04.11  Received the grant Statens Garantiinntekt (GI)

NEWS ARCHIVE 2009-2010

17.02.10  Vardag blir konst - review in Hufvudstadsbladet

13.02.10  IKIOMA L�HI�MME shortlisted in Helsingin Sanomat

09.02.10  radio interview (Finlandssvensk) at Radio Vega, Kulturtimmen 17.2. 18.00 and 22.00

08.02.10  Participating in Vilnius Painting Triennial, opens 18th June 2010

28.01.10  This webpage turns 1 year and gets updated daily

15.01.10  Two solo shows overlapping with one day

14.01.10  Opening night of Ikioma L�hi�mme at Galleria Korjaamo

11.01.10  Article in Dubai magazine InsideOut

12.12.09  Picture feature in Norwegian literature magazine Vagant 4-2009

10.12.09  press link

30.11.09  Catalogue release
Carbon12 #7 - Tor-Magnus Lundeby 

22.11.09  Ordinary Member of Taidemaalariliitto
(Finnish Painters' Union)

15.09.09  Mogadishni closes down
...currently in bankruptcy proceedings...

12.02.09  Mogadishni relocates
Opening of the new gallery space at Bredgade

31.01.09  Retro-utopi fra Lundeby
read the review in

29.01.09  Catalogue release
Tor-Magnus Lundeby    Prospect Disorder I-III

28.01.09  Website opens is now open!